Physiological Demands and Medical Consequences of Modern Military Deployment Operations

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Bradley Nindl, Bradley Warr, Susan Proctor, Christopher Rabago, Robert Carter
52 minutes
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The (6) presentations from the Featured Science Sessions at the 2011 ACSM annual meeting that collectively addressed the physical demands placed on the military during deployment, as well as the ensuing medical consequences, are featured on a single DVD. Over two hours of authoritative information and insights including:

• Introduction (Edward J. Zambraski)
• Physiological and Cognitive Stress of Modern Military Deployment: How Has the Paradigm Shifted? (Bradley C. Nindal)
• How Does Combat Effect Fitness? An Evaluation of Deployed Arizona National Guardsmen (Bradley J. Warr)
• Physical Health-Related Functioning and Combat Deployment: Comparison of Iraq-Deployed US Army Active Duty and National Guard Soldiers (Susan P. Proctor)
• Use of Dual-Tasks Within Virtual Reality Environments to Assess Physical Performance of Individuals Recovering From Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (Christopher A. Rabago)
• Exploiting Biomedical Research and Development Solutions to Mitigate Adverse Effects of Military Deployments (Robert Carter)