Pocket Guide for Event, Outdoor and Sports Medicine

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Timothy Durkin, DO, FAAEM
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The Pocket Guide for Event, Outdoor and Sports Medicine is the single portable reference you need when providing medical coverage. With nearly 200 pages and dozens of color photos, it contains up-to-date, evidence-based information on: cardiac arrest, respiratory problems, shock and critical illness, spine injuries and modern practices for immobilization, head injury and concussion, dislocations, fractures and orthopedic injuries, heat and cold exposure problems, commonly used medications, exam pearls and surface anatomy, adult and pediatric equipment sizes, and an illustrated review of more than 2 dozen medical procedures and much more! Written by an experienced emergency physician (and former paramedic),the Pocket Guide for Event, Outdoor & Sports Medicine is a ideal for all clinicians from the learner wanting an overview of issues related to event coverage to the most experienced needing an easily accessible reference for rapid review. In addition to medical treatments, drugs and procedures, the author draws on his more than 20 years experience to share lessons on working in the field setting. You will learn what to bring (for both yourself and your patients) as well as what to do. With the Pocket Guide for Event, Outdoor & Sports Medicine you will arrive at your next medical coverage event confident, knowledgable and prepared! This book has been printed on heavy duty paper with a laminated finish to provide improved wear with heavy use and fluid resistance.