Programming 101: The ABCs of Children's Programming

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Andrea Merritt, Ed Stoner, Samantha Miller, Lexie Griffiths
97 minutes
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Programming 101: The ABCs of Children's Programming details how health/fitness clubs can offer creative, standard children's programs in their facilities. As such, the DVD reviews best practices for children's programming, as well as points out the challenges that clubs face with regard to children's programs. The DVD also discusses how facilities can successfully promote kid's programs to children and their parents. The DVD explains how clubs can increase their level of ancillary revenue through children's programming. Finally, the DVD explores how facilities can improve their retention rates through outstanding children's programs.

Among the topics covered: 

• How do you create stand-out children's programs in your club? 
• What are some best practices for children's programming? 
• What are some of the challenges? 
• What are the best ways of promoting the programs to both children and parents? 
• How can we increase ancillary revenue through the programs? 
• Can we increase overall member retention by the inclusion of kids programming?