Raising a Healthy Youth Athlete

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Vonda J. Wright and Mark D. Miller
Healthy Learning
224 pages
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Kids are worth it...we can do better!

Millions of kids play sports growing up. In the process, they learn lessons and develop physical and mental resilience they carry with them throughout their lives. Millions of kids, however, quit sports due to overuse, injury, and burnout, as well as the fact that sports just aren’t fun anymore.How do we, as parents, coaches, and clinicians, do better?

The health, joy, relationships, and even memories built through a lifetime of play and sports participation sets a pathway for personal and professional success in everyone—from the mere mortal talking about their heroic feats in high school sports to the superstar pros we all look to as models of physical prowess.

In their book Raising a Healthy Youth Athlete, nationally recognized orthopaedic sports surgeons, team doctors, prolific authors, and educators Drs. Vonda Wright and Mark Miller share their collective career experiences in caring for young athletes.

This thorough, compelling roadmap details the latest in science-backed recommendations in training, physical and mental resilience, nutrition, and recovery, as well as provides a deep dive reference for injury identification, prevention, and treatment. It is a helpful reference for anyone who cares for young athletes and can serve as a way to initiate meaningful conversations with clinicians on your sidelines.

For everyone raising, caring for, or coaching youth athletes, Raising a Healthy Youth Athlete is a must-have reference.