Recent Advances in the Prevention and Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease

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Barry A Franklin
66 minutes
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Recent Advances in the Prevention and Treatment of CardiovascularDisease highlights key studies and new concepts that have occurred overthe last 10-15 years in terms of understanding the primary and secondaryprevention of cardiovascular disease. In that regard, the DVD detailswhat clinicians and exercise professionals need to know about coronaryremodeling, plaque rupture, and emerging risk factors. The DVD alsodiscusses cardioprotective medications, as well as reviewsevidence-based dietary strategies. In addition, the DVD looks at anumber of other relevant factors, including the issue of medicalmanagement vs. coronary revascularization.

• The INTERHEART study
• Evidence-based dietary strategies
• Rehab: modern-day mortality benefit?
• Can we detect coronary disease and intervene before sudden cardiac death or acute myocardial infraction?