Serve, Retain, and Profit With Secondary Sales

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Paul Brown
75 minutes
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Serve, Retain, and Profit With Secondary Sales explores the need for clubs to fullyunderstand the needs of their members and to have a whole suite of ways to meetthose needs. The DVD discusses the fact that selling is “serving” and that clubs willbe better positioned to serve their members if they offer a relatively extensivearray of products and services that can satisfy the needs of their members. TheDVD also looks at the potential benefits of clubs partnering with other companies(both in-club and external) to drive secondary sales. In addition, the DVD explainshow clubs can create an “ask” culture in order to produce secondary sales. TheDVD also points out how clubs can generate massive awareness of their offeringof secondary products and services.

Among the topics covered:

• Selling is serving
• Who?
• Where?
• In-store traditions
• In-club partner
• External partner
• Create an “ask” culture
• Massive awareness
• A dozen easy add-ons