Shifting Perceptions of Personal Training

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Nicki Anderson, Darren Jacobson
41 minutes
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When the field of personal training is mentioned amongst a group of non-fitness professionals, the situation often results in a few rolls of the eyes and comments such as, "They`re nothing but glorified counters!" or "I`ve never seen muscles so big!" or one of the most common, "Aren`t personal trainers just for famous people?" In reality, the average consumer is still not clear on what a personal trainer is or does. In that regard, Shifting Perceptions of Personal Training provides an overview of how personal trainers can educate the individual in their community and, in the process, become their "expert" and ultimately their "trainer." The DVD examines the misconceptions about personal training and offers straightforward suggestions and insights on steps that trainers can take to get rid of the negative perceptions and create a strong client following.

Among the topics covered:
  • Current perceptions of personal trainers
  • Misperceptions
  • Ways to shift perceptions
  • Who do you want to be?
  • Align with perception
  • Steps to shift perceptions
  • Business strategies to shift perceptions
  • The biggest mistakes fitness professionals make