Strength Training With Yoga

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Carol Argo
115 minutes
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Strength Training With Yoga provides a compelling overview of how yoga can enhance the level of muscular fitness of practitioners. The DVD discusses the value of properly aligning the body while doing yoga, from the ground up. The DVD also details adjustments that can be made to various yoga poses that can help augment the strengthening aspect of the practice. In addition, the DVD looks at possible variations and progressions of existing yoga poses that can further the strength training impact on participants. In that regard, the DVD explains how to sequence (order) the poses in a way that has a positive effect on their strength-related benefits. Finally, the DVD points out what can be done to make some of the yoga moves more powerful.

Among the topics covered: 

• Starting on your back 
• Downward facing dog 
• Standing blocks 
• Teaching points 
• Sequencing 
• Power moves 
• Block tips