Successful Aging and Sarcopenia: Translating Research Into Practice

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Douglas Paddon-Jones, Hope Barkoukis
43 minutes
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Successful Aging and Sarcopenia: Translating Research Into Practice provides an overview of the key factors involved in sarcopenia in older adults. The DVD looks at the issue of building muscle in response to protein consumption (young vs. elderly individuals). The DVD also discusses how much protein older adults need. In addition, the DVD reviews a possible new approach to interventions for sarcopenia. With regard to the consumption of protein in treating and preventing sarcopenia, the DVD points out how key physiologic changes of aging influence recommendations for older adults. Finally, the DVD explains how sarcopenia research can impact dietary and activity guidance for older adults.

Among the topics covered: 

• Protein metabolism research 
• Stimulating muscle growth with protein 
• Daily protein distribution 
• Inactivity and aging muscle 
• Sarcopenia 
• Successful aging & sarcopenia: translatingresearch into practice 
• General physiologic concepts of aging 
• Aging & hydration: from ages 20-80 
• Defining & screening for sarcopenia 
• Are older adults in the U.S. at risk for sarcopenia?