The Future-Progressive Opportunities in the Health & Fitness Industry

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Bill McBride
87 minutes
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The Future-Progressive Opportunities in the Health & Fitness Industry reviews the macro trends that are occurring in the health/fitness club industry worldwide, as well as details the opportunities facing the industry in the near-term. The DVD examines how the industry's near-term actions can play a significant role in its success not only today, but also in the future. The DVD also points out the proliferation of newer business models in the industry. In addition, the DVD provides observations on the “missing pieces” within traditional club offerings. Furthermore, the DVD details how traditional club relevance and significance can be increased. Finally, the DVD outlines new paradigms, strategies, and tactics on which the industry could act.

Among the topics covered: 

• Your core 
• Substitution 
• What will be the same? 
• Universal active program 
• Active retention model 
• Communication & marketing strategy 
• Under Armour