The Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner’s Guide to Burnout

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Ottis L. Layne
Healthy Learning
197 pages
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The Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner’s Guide to Burnout is a different type of burnout book, unique in at least three aspects. First, it is the only book which presents a technique that can eliminate the need to take off work, change jobs, or undergo therapy to reverse burnout. This mindfulness technique involves using a simple trigger to make anyone aware they are on the road to burnout or are burned out already. Learning to use this trigger can mean reversing burnout on the spot, without taking time away from work or needing formal therapy to deal with burnout. Second, it is the only book that features a compilation of the neuroscientific research on burnout. Much is now known about what happens in the brains of people as they become burned out and what is required of their brains to pull out of burnout. This science is presented in a manner that is accessible to anyone. It is then further amplified through compelling stories that illustrate the tie-in among the thoughts, attitudes, and emotions that emerge in the brain as people become burned out. This neuroscience is also interwoven with what is known about burnout from a psychological standpoint. Third, it is the only book on burnout that shows the applicability of the six pillars of Lifestyle Medicine (whole food plant-based diet, movement, stress management, proper sleep, avoidance of risky substance use, and social connection) in maintaining good mental health in all aspects of life, not just at work.

The stories highlighted in this insight-filled book are medical, drawn from the author’s experience of having over 36 years of work in hospital ERs and suffering burnout many times. Make no mistake, however, this thoughtful book is accessible and applicable to anyone. As the cover medallion declares: “20 Lessons That Apply to Anyone Concerned About Burnout.” This book can guide you to take back your professional life if you are burned out, as well as help make you burnout-proof.