The Teambuilders Toolbox

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Jim Cain
Healthy Learning
238 pages
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This one-of-a-kind book features instructions for facilitating some of the best teambuilding activities of all time, together with do-it-yourself directions for three dozen unique teambuilding props that individuals can build and enjoy for years to come. From icebreakers, energizers, and warm-up activities, to team challenges, puzzles, and games, to debriefing, reviewing, and closing activities, this one book will share everything an individual needs to truly do-it-themself when it comes to building high-performance teams.

Written by world-renowned teambuilding guru Jim Cain, the book is designed to help camp professionals in three very specific ways. First, to assist individuals in creating their own collection of useful teambuilding props. Second, to show individuals how they can re-use, re-purpose, recycle, and upcycle odd materials to create these props at little or no expense. Third, to instruct individuals how to use these teambuilding props to build high-performing teams.