The Transformation of the Fitness Industry Through Technology

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John Golden, Bonnie Patrick Mattalian, Catherine Kolbeck
77 minutes
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The Transformation of the Fitness Industry Through Technology explains how health/fitness clubs can address market segmentation, with digital preferences. The DVD also reviews how technology is being utilized in the club industry to impact adherence, retention, and exercise- programming outcomes, as well as details best practices in digital communications with members. In addition, the DVD discusses how clubs can effectively develop their member- retention strategy by utilizing both digital applications and new streams of social media. The DVD also points out how facilities can integrate technology into their programming, driving ancillary revenues and streamlining operations in the process.

Among the topics covered: 

• Know your customer and define your market 
• Technology and adherence, retention, and outcomes in programming 
• Defining success 
• Integrating technology into programming 
• Using technology to attract, retain, and engage members 
• Web 
• Social media 
• Other operational application