Track, Share, and Compare: The Hot Trend of Self-Tracking

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Carol E. Torgan
35 minutes
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Do you weigh yourself regularly? Do you note the number of miles you've run? If so, you're a self-tracker. Self-tracking is an ever-expanding practice-one that is embraced by a variety of individuals, ranging from the chronically ill to pro athletes. In fact, tracking technology is evolving rapidly from pedometers to an amazing array of gadgets and sensors that can be woven into clothes or implanted into our bodies. The power of smart phones and social networking is also an integral part of the “track, share, and compare” trend. Track, Share, and Compare: The Hot Trend of Self-Tracking details the opportunities that are inherent in tracking for engaging, educating, and motivating clients.

Among the topics covered:

• Who is tracking?
• Why track?
• What we're tracking
• How we track
• Issues
• Unhealthy track, share, compare
• Opportunities
• The future of self-tracking