Virtual Classes-The End of Empty Studio Space

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Rasmus Ingerslev
49 minutes
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Virtual Classes-The End of Empty Studio Space is designed as a resource for health/ fitness clubs that want to add as many as 100 classes per week in their facilities, as well as eliminate 70-80% of the downtime that currently exists in their studios. The DVD reviews how clubs and members are using virtual training. In that regard, the DVD details the benefits of adding virtual classes to a club's schedule. As such, the DVD explains how virtual classes and their underlying technology world. The DVD also discusses why virtual classes can attract a new audience to a club's studios and how they create all-day profit centers in the process.

Among the topics covered: 

• Why virtual? 
• What do we know? 
• Virtual grows live class participation 
• Who is in board? 
• How does it work? 
• Summing up