Where Common Sense Meets Creativity

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Don Bahneman
92 minutes
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Where Common Sense Meets Creativity explores the delicatebalance between science and practical application, and how itrelates to the most confusing part of the equation-the fitnessprofessional's clients. The DVD reviews training philosophies,concepts, and exercise progressions in detail. The DVD recommendsinnovative and progressive ways for fitness professionals to improvethe health of the people with whom they interact. While diversitywithin health/fitness programs is always encouraged, a delicatebalance needs to be maintained between common sense andcreativity. Having such a balance allows exercise programparticipants to maximize their potential and minimize their risk ofinjury by working smarter to an enhanced level of health and fitness.

Among the topics covered:
  • Welcome to the battle
  • Look at the big picture
  • Painting the portrait for your client
  • Newton's Law had nothing to do with it
  • “You Want Me to Do What?!?”
  • Picking the right exercise