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Chuck Runyon, Kevin Laferriere, Graham Melstrand, Bryan K. O'Rourke
44 minutes
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Influence of Technology: A Glimpse at Tomorrow's Health Club discusses how technology is currently used in health/fitness faculties and reviews how it will transform the health/fitness club experience in the future. Featuring a panel of four renowned industry experts, the DVD details how technology may impact the “wellness” paradigm in clubs going forward. The DVD also outlines the challenges that clubs will face in the future with regards to adopting new technologies. In addition, the DVD looks at how clubs are using and may use in the future social media and digital marketing.

Among the topics covered:
  • What do you see as the biggest change in clubs due to technology in the past five years?
  • Where is member experience and content delivery like virtual group fitness headed?
  • The “wellness” paradigm and clubs: how can technology help this become reality?
  • What challenges do you see in clubs adopting new technologies?
  • What do you think about the need for collaboration on industry standards and interoperability?
  • What are your thoughts on smart phone and tablet use in clubs?
  • How is professional education changing as a result of technology?
  • How are clubs using and going to use social media and digital marketing