2007 NSCA Sport-Specific Training Conference / Football

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National Strength and Conditioning Association
40 minutes
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The nine football-specific presentations from the 2007 NSCA Sport-Specific Training Conference are featured on two extended-play DVDs. Over seven hours of ideas, insights, and information on how to best develop the physical capabilities of football players, including:
  • Neuromuscular Activation Warm-Up (Robb Rogers)
  • First Step Acceleration (David Donatucci)
  • Developing the High School Football Player Year-Round (Dan Burk)
  • Strength & Conditioning Program for Football at the USAFA (Allen Hedrick & Jeffrey Kipp)
  • Sports Vision Enhancement for Football: Linemen & Ballhandlers (Jeff Falkel & Thomas Wilson)
  • The Science and Practice of Strength and Power for Football (David Sandler & Mark Philippi)
  • Combine Training for the High School Athlete (Leo Totten)
  • High School Football Strength and Conditioning: Issues and Ideas (Kevin Vanderbush)
  • Using Dumbbells in a Year-Round Program (Jeff Schultz)
Produced in cooperation with the National Strength and Conditioning Association.