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7-Star Service: Best Practices for Improving Customer Service

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Ruby Newell-Legner
34 minutes
As customers expect more and more, the demand on their frontline employees becomes more intense. In this regard, one of the primary issues that arises is what can organizations do to help these individuals develop the tools that they need to excel in their job. Furthermore, it is also essential to identify the steps that can be undertaken to help overcome interdepartmental boundaries so that everyone is providing an exceptional level of service. 7-Star Service: Best Practices for Improving Customer Service explores management's role in promoting a positive guest experience at all levels of an organization. The DVD provides an overview of how to make well-integrated service delivery a reality.

Among the topics covered:

• What can we learn from Jumeirah that will help us offer 7-star service?
• Seven criteria that help achieve a 7-star status
• Cycles of service™