8 Critical Steps to Selling Memberships

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Justin Tamsett
120 minutes
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8 Critical Steps to Selling Memberships provides a compelling overview of the key factors involved in “Basic Sales 101.” The DVD argues that health/fitness clubs should not use the word “sales,” given the fact that the word has a negative connotation to a lot of people. Instead, clubs should think in terms of showing potential members that their business has the solution to solving their health and fitness problems. In that regard, the DVD explains that the key factor is identifying what a prospective member's health and fitness problem actually is in order to show the individual that the club has a solution for it. The DVD also points out that clubs that want to grow their business have to get out of their comfort zone. Finally, the DVD details the eight critical steps in persuading individuals to become club members.

Among the topics covered: 

• “The eight steps” 
• “The nine steps” 
• Market segmentation 
• Use my name 
• Show me what I need 
• Sell me what I want 
• Alternate choice & then shut up! 
• Hand written cards 
• Personalization tip 
• Earn your referrals 
• Follow-up everyone