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A Brand is More Than a Logo: It's a Promise Fulfilled

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Stephen Tharrett & Mark Williamson
89 minutes
A Brand is More Than a Logo: It`s a Promise Fulfilled details the need for cluboperators to establish a unique and compelling brand promise if they want to gaina competitive advantage in the marketplace. The DVD begins with a discussionconcerning a club`s value proposition and how important it is to have a uniquelydifferentiated value proposition in the current competitive club landscape. The DVDalso explains what it takes to move from a value proposition to a brand promiseand what the essential components of brand promise are. The DVD concludes withinsights on how club operators can bring their brand promise to life on a daily basis.

Among the topics covered:
  • A brand`s value proposition
  • The importance of a brand`s value proposition
  • Differentiating your brand
  • Establishing a unique value proposition
  • The brand promise
  • Brand architecture
  • How to change your value proposition
  • The importance of storytellers
  • Tenants of a brand promise