Camp Singing: It's Way More Than Just Fun!

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Jacki Breger
34 minutes
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Singing is an important camp tradition, as synonymous with camp as swimming and crafts. Yet, many camp directors and song leaders are worried that singing may be slipping away from the camp setting . . . that singing is being replaced by shouting, thereby depriving kids from the opportunity to experience the heartfelt joys associated with singing. Camp Singing: It's Way More Than Just Fun! explores the fact that something can be done to address this situation. The DVD details the roots and underlying values of camp singing, and identifies the essential structural, institutional, and programmatic supports that can help secure this important tradition and carry it into the future.

Among the topics covered:

• The importance of the song leader
• Putting songs into historical context
• Teaching songs builds community
• How to make decisions based on content
• Change the content, not the context
• What makes a good song leader?