“Wassup” With the Latest in Dietary Supplements?-Hype vs. Science

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Cindy J. Chang
34 minutes
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“Wassup” With the Latest in Dietary Supplements?-Hype vs. Science reviews the scope of the “problem” with taking dietary supplements and points out the risks that they pose for both competitive and recreational athletes. The DVD also discusses the laws and regulations concerning the labeling of dietary supplements. In addition, the DVD identifies four recommended educational resources for dietary supplements, as well as details four more resources that can provide appropriate information on these dietary substances. Finally, the DVD offers several suggestions regarding the advice that should be given to those individuals who are considering taking dietary supplements.Among the topics covered:

• Scope of the problem
• Labeling
• Risks facing a “competitive” vs. recreational athlete
• Four educational resources for dietary supplements
• Four additional resources to help reduce risk
• Case #1
• What do you advise?
• Legislation