The Latest Scoop-Sports Supplements

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Fabio Comana
69 minutes
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Even though making recommendations to use supplements is considered outside the scope of practice of fitness professionals legally and ethically, they are constantly asked to give their opinions and suggestions. In reality, since dieticians and other licensed practitioners are seldom present in the health/fitness club environment, what should fitness professionals do? The Latest Scoop-Sports Supplements details the truth on the efficacy and risks associated with the sports supplements that currently are on the market. The DVD is designed as a resource for fitness professionals who want to educate their clients so that they can make informed decisions about using supplements, as well avoid wasteful spending and possible harm to their health.

Among topics covered:

• Protein supplements
• Protein needs • Which protein is best?
• Pre-exercise protein consumption
• Other protein sources
• Caffeine
• Creatine
• Echinacea
• Omega-3 fatty acids
• Herbal supplements