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ACSM Select Symposium: Exercise-Induced Cardioprotection: Why Exercise May Be the Most Pragmatic Counter Therapy Against Heart Attack Damage

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American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)
67 minutes
The (3) presentations from the Select Symposium at the 2008 ACSM annualmeeting on the relationship between exercise and its potential affect on thedamage caused by a heart attack are included on a single DVD. Almost twohours of authoritative information and insights, featuring:
  • Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury and Exercise-Induced Cardioprotection (Scott K. Powers)
  • The Quest to Uncover Mechanisms of Exercise-Induced Cardioprotection Against IR Injury (Karyn L. Hamilton)
  • Exercise Science and the Search for Viable Treatments Against Heart Attack Damage (John C. Quindry)
Produced in cooperation with the American College of Sports Medicine.