Advances in Non-Invasive Translational Technologies

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Jean-Aime´ Medici
57 minutes
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Advances in Non-Invasive Translational Technologies presents an overview of how technology is going to change the processes of diagnosis and treatment in both the medical and medical wellness fields. The DVD discusses the fact that technology has produced some of the most exciting ideas and innovations that have occurred in healthcare. Furthermore, the DVD points out that technology not only enhances health quality and outcomes, it also helps healthcare organizations improve their level of efficiency and cut costs. In that regard, the DVD details several examples of innovative ideas driven by technology.

Among the topics covered: 

• Landscape 
• Oxygen therapy HBOT 
• Far-infared therapies 
• Far-infared thermotherapyheat treatments 
• High-intensity focused ultrasound 
• Pain 
• Computed tomography laser breast imaging 
• Electro interstitial scan 
• Thoughts