Allied Health and Fitness Professionals-“Let's Move”

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Natalie Digate Muth
121 minutes
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Allied Health and Fitness Professionals-“Let's Move” discusses the obesity
epidemic among children and adolescents and explores what allied health
and fitness professionals can do to help reverse it. The DVD explains why it
is necessary to address obesity in children as early as possible in order to
help offset the negative consequences that such children face as a result
of their condition. The DVD is designed as a resource on a community
level, an individual level, and a family level for anyone who wants to
better understand what steps can be undertaken to help kids eat better
and move more.

Among the topics covered:

• Trends in obesity among children and adolescents
• Let's move
• USDA dietary guidelines
• IOM report-accelerating progress in obesity prevention
• The pediatrician's approach
• RX for healthy living