Implications of Genetic Research for Health/Fitness Professionals

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James S. Skinner
71 minutes
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Implications of Genetic Research for Health/Fitness Professionals discusses how genetics influence health, fitness, and physiological responses to exercise and training. The DVD presents an extensive review of research on the topic, including the comprehensive Heritage Family Study, which examines genetics and non-genetic (e.g., lifestyle) variables and their concomitant effects on physical activity, fitness and health. The DVD also addresses the implications of this information for health and fitness professionals, particularly the ability to better understand expected outcomes of exercise when applied to weight loss, health, and fitness levels.

Among the topics covered:
  • Genetics and obesity
  • Genetics and physical activity
  • Genetics and fitness
  • Genetics and training
  • The HERITAGE family study
  • Family similarities and differences
  • Response to training
  • Non-genetic and genetic variables related to response or non-response