The Influence of Genetic Factors on Health, Physical Activity, and Fitness

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James S. Skinner
101 minutes
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The Influence of Genetic Factors onHealth, Physical Activity, and Fitness provides a basicintroduction to the field of genetics. The DVD describes how health,physical activity, and fitness are all affected by genetic andnon-genetic factors. The DVD also discusses the fact that there arehigh, average, and low responders to exercise programs, diets, ormedications. Furthermore, the DVD reviews the fact that genetic factorsaffect the speed and extent of these responses. Explains how geneticfactors have more of an effect on fitness and less of an effect onphysical-activity behavior. In addition, the DVD details how fitness andactivity are both important and independent risk factors for health,but suggests that exercise programs should emphasize physical activitymore than fitness.
Among the topics covered:
  • General influence of genetic factors
  • Do families have similar VO2 max and other phenotypes before training?
  • Do families respond similarly to training?
  • What is the relationship between initial values and the response to training?
  • Are there non-genetic variables measured before training that differentiate between responders?
  • Are there genetic variables that differentiate between responders and non-responders?