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Genetics of Physical Activity and Health-Related Fitness During Childhood and Adolescence

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ACSM Select Symposium
51 minutes
The (5) presentations from the Select Symposium at the 2009 ACSM annualmeeting on the impact of genetics on physical activity and health-relatedfitness during childhood and adolescence are featured on a single DVD.Almost two hours of authoritative information and insights, including:
  • Introduction (Gaston P. Beunen)
  • Twin Studies of Physical Activity in Children and Adolescents (Josè A. Maia)
  • Longitudinal Twin Studies of Physical Fitness in Adolescents (Martine A. Thomis)
  • Candidate Gene Studies of Physical Fitness in Children and Adolescents (Yannis P. Pitsiladis)
  • Postnatal Development of Metabolic Traits in Mice Selectively Bred for High Running Capacity (Joey C. Eisenmen)