Aquatic Shakti: The Experience

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Lawrence Biscontini
71 minutes
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SHAKTI is the Sanskrit word for the energy that is released throughout the body when an individual practices particular hatha yogic asanas. Aquatic Shakti: The Experience offers a workshop that features an aquatic, non-purist mind-body approach at its best: the fusion of fitness applications of standing and suspended yoga vinyasas, T`ai Chi, Feldenkrais, Gyrotonics®, and Pilates with non-traditional mind-body music. The water workshop is designed to enable fitness professionals to experience different styles of choreographed flow so that they can learn to both cue and choreograph their own version of "SHAKTI," creating not a "work-out" but a "work-in." The "work-in" is appropriate for a warm to a very warm-water environment.

Among the topics covered:
  • Understanding the basics
  • Working out without equipment
  • Working out with equipment
  • Closing stretches
  • Notes and specifics