Boost Revenue and Retention With Small Group Training Programs

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Michele Melkerson-Granryd
31 minutes
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Boost Revenue and Retention With Small Group Training Programs reviews howhealth/fitness clubs can enhance their level of profit, as well as possibly increasethe size of their membership with small group programming. The DVD provides anoverview of the key factors involved in developing and implementing successfulsmall group training programs. The DVD also explains why some trainers don't liketo train groups and looks at what can be done to overcome such push back. TheDVD also discusses how clubs can improve their level of group training retention,details the challenges that clubs may encounter with their small group trainingefforts, and considers additional special-event, small group opportunities.

Among the topics covered:

• Successful small group programming
• Programming types
• I/my trainers don't/won't train groups
• Strategies
• Space for small group training
• Program development
• Launching small group training
• Group training retention, challenges, and opportunities