Group Training: Strategies to Implementing a Successful Program

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Victor Spatola
63 minutes
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Group Training: Strategies to Implementing a Successful Program discusses why a health/fitness club should offer a group training program. In that regard, the DVD reviews several operational strategies that a facility can employ to implement such a program. The DVD also points out value-defining strategies for validating the costs attendant to having a group training program. In addition, the DVD offers marketing ideas that a club could use to promote group training to its members. Furthermore, the DVD explains how specific products could be utilized by a facility to help boosts its group training efforts.

Among the topics covered: 

• Reasons to implement group pt 
• Define group training 
• Characteristics of a successful group training program 
• Unique equipment or experience 
• Qualified trainers 
• Dedicated space 
• Managing small groups 
• Differentiate from group fitness 
• Structured specific workout 
• Challenges facing group training