Building Courage and Strength in Youth-Part #2: A Primer on the Human Being

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Steven Van Bockern
109 minutes
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In order for individuals to become the role models that they need to be for children andyouth, it is important that adults understand who they are as human beings. BuildingCourage and Strength in Youth-Part #2: A Primer on the Human Being suggests thatthe work of individuals with helping children who are hurting (for any reason) beginswith an understanding of “themselves.” Understanding leads to appropriate responses,rather than learned reactions that often lead adults into conflict with children. The DVDdetails the fact that unhealthy conflicts do not build courage and strength.

Among the topics covered:
  • The "F" word; looking at value systems
  • Deviance, deficit, and strength-based psychology
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Difference in psychological worlds of adults who attempt to help children
  • Defense mechanisms
  • Conflict cycles
  • Counter-aggressiveness