Confront Obstacles in Life with Courage

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Rose DuBois
105 minutes
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Every person in this world faces difficult circumstances in life, but individuals cannot let life's continual challenges dictate their attitude or pursuit of success. They must learn how to accept conflict as a part of daily existence and a natural way of life. Learning how to accept trials and tribulations in life will develop a person's character. Many individuals seek comfort levels because they are afraid of being embarrassed or suffering defeat, yet having to deal with adversity often causes them to perform better and improve their potential. Confront Obstacles in Life With Courage details tools that can help people exit their comfort zones and to use life's difficulties as learning experiences.

Among the topics covered:
  • Defining courage
  • Accepting conflict
  • A matter of perspective
  • The advantages of adversity
  • Having the courage to act
  • Out of your comfort zone
  • Mistakes
  • Attitude is everything