Degenerative Joint Disease

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Stephanie S. Martin, Alfred C. Gellhorn, Mark R. Hutchinson, Thomas H. Trojian, Jason M. Matuszak
53 minutes
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Degenerative Joint Disease features several presentations by a number of the most renowned experts in the world on osteoarthritis (OA). Focusing on the best treatments for children with ACL injuries, based on available research, the video looks at the association and risk of developing OA following an ACL injury, including operative vs. non-operative comparisons and the benefits of various treatment modalities versus risk of future OA. Also included is the current evidence and path forward associated with the use of mesenchymal stem cells injections for knee OA. Citing several studies from across the NFL, NBA, and soccer, the video also reviews sports-related articular cartilage injuries from the aspect of treatment options and key factors that influence a treatment decision and return to play. Utilizing the PICO (population, intervention, comparative, outcome) method for evidence-based medicine/evidence-based practice, the research behind viscosupplementation, as well as an extensive list of other treatment options for knee OA, is also detailed. In addition the video examines the quality of evidence in light of existing clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) for treatment of OA in order to identify opportunities for improved care, as well as provides a comparison of pharmacological vs. non-pharmacological treatment options versus quality of evidence that would support choosing a particular option for a patient.