Differentiating Your Fitness Facility through Customer Service

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Chris Stevenson
57 minutes
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Differentiating Your Fitness Facility through Customer Service explains how health/fitness clubs can deliver all-star customer service to their members. The DVD points out why customer service is so important and looks at the underlying characteristics of in great customer service. The DVD also discusses who in a club is responsible for customer service, as well as details when it occurs within a facility. The DVD provides tangible, practical tools for clubs that want to improve their level of customer service.

Among the topics covered: 

• Differentiating your fitness facility through customer service 
• Introduction 
• Net promoter score 
• Why is customer service so important? 
• Who is responsible? 
• When does customer service happen?
• How do you implement all-star customer service? 
• Practices 
• Tools 
• All-star customer service 
• Questions and answers