Dual-Task Rehabilitation Paradigms in Your Concussion Management Plan

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Johna K. Register-Mihalik, Janna Fonseca
48 minutes
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Recent recommendations suggest athletes complete a progressive return-to-play following a concussion. Advancements in the field also suggest the evidencebased need for more integrated and functional activities during progressive return to participation. A number of potential rehabilitation strategies following concussion have been proposed, particularly those using divided attention and dual-task strategies. In that regard, Dual-Task Rehabilitation Paradigms in Your Concussion Management Plan provides an overview of the evidence and implementation strategies of using dual-task paradigms as a part of appropriate concussion management protocols. The DVD also addresses how to design a dualtask paradigm for use in clinical practice.

Among the topics covered:

• Prolongd recovery and concussion
• Think beyond test scores
• A couple of ways to use dual-task
• Physical rest and progressive return
• Rehabilitation strategies
• Things affecting performance
• Dual-task interventions in concussion
• What is the vestibular system?
• Use of dual-task