New Paradigms in Sports Concussion

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Kevin Guskiewicz, Ann McKee, Rudy Castellani, Christopher Randolph, Richard Adler, John DiFiori
64 minutes
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New Paradigms in Sports Concussion presents the latest research and developments in the areas of concussion measurements and mechanisms of injury, physiology of recovery, implications of repeated injury, and the evolving legal environment concerning this injury. The video discusses mechanisms for concussive brain injury, limitations and importance of protective equipment in prevention, the challenges involved in preventing concussions, and the value of innovative technologies for concussion management. The video also addresses the pathologies, and clinical factors involved in chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a degenerative disease associated with chronic head injuries. Using actual controlled clinical studies and surveys to test common assumptions and myths about concussions, in addition the video addresses short- and long-term risks, including the history of recovery, the role of management strategies, and epidemiology of the injury. The video further reviews the legal aspects surrounding sports concussions, with a focus on the current efforts and gaps, as well as recommendations relevant to adopting and implementing Washington state's return to play law – the Zack Lysted Law – in the other 49 states. Finally, the video examines how basic science and clinical research can translate into patient care, why there is no substitute for clinical diligence, the serious risks of returning to play too soon, and a stepwise return to play process.