It's a No-Brainer! Emerging Developments-Sport-Related Concussion

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Anthony P. Kontos
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It's a No-Brainer! Emerging Developments-Sport-Related Concussion provides an overview of the concussion epidemic that participants in athletics and sports in the United States are currently experiencing. The DVD details the signs and symptoms of a concussion and reviews how concussions can be assessed beyond basic symptoms. The DVD also discusses the emerging area of prognosis, including the use of dizziness and migraine as predictors of concussion. In addition, the DVD looks at when it is safe for a person who has experienced a concussion to return to play. Finally, the DVD examines the issue of how athletes with a concussion can be actively treated when they aren't getting better.

Among the topics covered:

• Concussion 101
• What are the sings and symptoms of a concussion?
• How do we assess concussion beyond symptoms?
• Spotlight on concussion in American football
• Results: concussion rates
• Emerging predictors of prognosis: dizziness and migraine
• When is it safe to return to play?
• How can we actively treat concussion when athletes aren't getting better?