Evidence for the Importance of Genomics in Exercise

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Stephen Roth, Timothy Lightoot, Mark Sarzynski, Garrett Ash, Guan Wang, Molly Bray
54 minutes
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Evidence for the Importance of Genomics in Exercise presents a brief history of the branch of molecular biology that is concerned with the structure, evolution, and mapping of genes. The DVD also looks at whether physical activity is heritable or not, as well as discusses the direct biological affects of genetic disposition on activity. In addition, the DVD reviews whether genetic control of activity exists, especially in adults. The DVD also explores the fact that genens influence how individuals respond to exercise training.

Among the topics covered:

• Introduction (Stephen Roth)
• Case closed: spontaneous activity is not as spontaneous as we think (Timothy Lightfoot)
• Genome-wide association study of triglycerides and lipoprotein lipase activity responses to exercise training in the Heritage Family study (Mark Sarzynksi)
• Glucocorticoid receptor (NR3C1) genetic variants associated with physical activity (Garrett Ash)
• ACTN3 and ACE genotypes in elite Caucasian swimmers (Guan Wang)
• Genes, the environment, and exercise adherence (Molly Bray)