Sport Drinks and Exercise Performance: Scientific Evidence

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Mindy Millard-Stafford
66 minutes
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Sport Drinks and Exercise Performance: Scientific Evidence provides an overview of what constitutes a sports drink and the impact of each principle component in a sports drink on physiological function. The DVD also details the purpose of having sodium in a sports drink. In addition, the DVD points out what individuals should do if they work in a hot environment, particularly with regard to replacing sweat losses. The DVD also discusses the fact that beverages with more than 10-12% carbohydrate are not optimal during exercise in the heat.

Among the topics covered:

• What is a sports drink?
• Variables which differ among sports drinks
• Primary goals of sports drinks
• Limits to performance in a warm environment
• Carbohydrate ingestion during exercise
• Efficacy of carbohydrate sports drinks in heat
• Are small differences in carbohydrates among sports drinks important?
• Impact of sport drinks on other types of exercise
• What is the purpose of sodium in sport drinks?
• What additional ingredients can enhance performance?