Exercise and Low Back Pain

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Ted Dreisinger
54 minutes
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Back pain is one of the most common afflictions known to man. While the greatest incidence of back pain occurs between the ages of 24 and 55, most people have a better than 80 percent chance of having an episode in their lifetime. It is the most frequent reason people visit the doctor behind the common cold, and societal cost estimates are as high as 80 billion dollars a year. In an informative and timely manner, Exercise and Low Back Pain provides an up-to-date foundation for healthcare professionals involving the use of exercise in the treatment of back pain.

Among the topics covered:
  • Reviews the economic impact of back pain
  • Discusses who treats back pain and how it is treated
  • Presents non-operative guidelines for the acute and chronic patient
  • Provides both low and high-tech exercise recommendations
Produced in cooperation with the American College of Sports Medicine.