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Exercise Heart Rate Response and Recovery – Simple But Important Clinical Measures

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Peter H. Brubaker, Bo Fernhall, Michael S. Lauer, Guy E. Alvarez
68 minutes
The (5) presentations from the Highlighted Symposium at the 2010 ACSM annual meeting that explore several of the key factors related to heart rate response and recovery are included on a single DVD. Over two full hours of authoritative information and insights featuring:

• Introduction (Peter H. Brubaker)
• Automic Function and Outcomes in Patients With Cardiovascular Disease (Michael S. Lauer)
• Heart Rate Recovery: Is It a Measure of Fitness or Health? (Bo Fernhall)
• Chronotropic Incompetence in Heart Failure: Prevalence and Impact (Peter H. Brubaker)
• Device-Based Treatments for Chronotropic Incompetence (Guy E. Alvarez)