Exercise is Medicineâ„¢-Expanding Personal Training to Subclinical Populations

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Lisa Sexauer, Deanne Schwaiger
60 minutes
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Exercise is Medicine™-Expanding Personal Training to Subclinical Populations provides an overview of programs, past and present, within the military community that have effectively helped to bridge the gap between fitness and medical professionals. The DVD discusses the impact of relatively low fitnesslevels in military readiness, as well as points out the value of incorporating personal training in subclinical populations, such as the military. The DVD also details program delivery models, communication strategies, scope-of-practice considerations, and program outcomes with regard to personal training in subclinical populations.

Among the topics covered:

• Personal training in subclinical populations
• Impact of low fitness on military readiness
• Why personalized fitness?
• Essentials for success
• Why personal training in subclinical populations?
• Marketing
• Health care providers
• Patient/client relationship
• Four key points