Exercise Programming for Obese and Weight-Loss Clients

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Tanya Colucci
58 minutes
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Obesity is proliferating in the United States. One of the byproducts of this situation is the ever-increasing number of clients who want to make positive changes in their lives and who are seeking professional help from personal trainers. Unfortunately, many of these individuals have a host of musculoskeletal problems that impact their ability to exercise safely. Exercise Programming for Obese and Weight-Loss Clients details exercise-program design considerations and corrective-exercise strategies for clients with chronic conditions specific to the hip, knee, and foot. In addition, the DVD features case studies that show applicable real-life client success stories.

Among the topics covered:
  • Statistics on obesity
  • Five elements of life
  • Assessment process
  • Corrective-exercise process
  • Common injuries
  • Program design components
  • Stage training
  • Sample program

Produced in cooperation with the IDEA Health and Fitness Association.