Exercise Testing and Program Design: A Fitness Professional`s Guide

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Barry A Franklin
93 minutes
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Exercise Testing and Program Design: A Fitness Professional's Guide is for anyone with serious interest in fitness, both personal and professional. Addressing society's surge in obesity, in the context of an “obesity-conducive environment,” this program discusses heart disease, fitness and mortality, the benefits of aerobic activity, new insights regarding exercise programming, and the importance and difficulties of exercise adherence. To put cardio health and the benefits of exercise into perspective, viewers are reminded that more than 2,800 Americans die each day of cardiovascular disease. Fitness professionals and exercise enthusiasts alike will find this video to be an invaluable resource for understanding the key elements of long-term exercise as it relates to health maintenance.

Among the topics covered:
  • The connection between lack of sleep and weight gain
  • The benefits of resistance exercise
  • Exercise and aging
  • Understanding our modern
  • Obesity-conducive environment
  • suggestions for enhancing exercise motivation
Produced in cooperation with the American Council on Exercise.