Fifty Nifty Nature Games and Activities

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Jared Knight
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Fifty Nifty Nature Games and Activities features a compilation of games and activities that can be used to teach children about nature and the outdoors. The games and activities are grouped into ten units, each of which offers details on educational exercises that are specific to a particular category. The fun and exciting series of games and activities that address outdoor and nature education is perfect for schools, camps, and youth agencies.

Among the games covered:

• Nature center
• Hikes
• Nature backpacks
• Learning about weather
• Learning about mammals
• Learning about birds
• Learning about trees, flowers, and plants
• Learning about astronomy
• Learning about insects, spiders, and butterflies
• Learning about rivers, oceans, lakes, ponds, and streams
• Learning about reptiles and amphibians
• Learning about recycling
• Learning about geology