Fitness or Fatness: Which Is More Important For Health?

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Steven N. Blair
74 minutes
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Overweight and obesity are well establishedas health risks, and the prevalenceof these conditions is increasing rapidly in many countries around theworld.Fitness or Fatness: Which Is MoreImportant For Health? explores the role ofphysical activity in relation to overweight or obesity. The DVD examinesthe factthat a fit and active way of life reduces the risk of substantial weightgainovertime, is useful in weight-loss programs, appears to be crucial inmanagingweight loss, and provides health benefits to overweight and obeseindividuals. Inthat regard, the DVD addresses the fact that health/fitnessprofessionals andorganizations should place a greater emphasis on physical activity forweightmanagement than is presently done.Among topics covered:
  • Aerobics center longitudinal study
  • Fitness, fatness, and health
  • Is the average total daily caloric intake increasing?
  • Assessment of body weight
  • Trends in riding lawnmower sales
  • How should we deal with the obesity epidemic?
  • Attributable fractions of health outcomes