Importance of Exercise is Medicine® for Health Care Providers

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George C. Halvorson
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Importance of Exercise is Medicine® for Health Care Providers reviews the fact that the annual American health care costs are very substantial, most of which are expended in chronic conditions. Featuring an EIM Keynote Lecture from the 2012 ACSM annual meeting, the DVD points out that chronic conditions are diseases of urbanization. Unlike the current situation where massive numbers of people live sedentary lives in the cities, many decades ago, individuals lived in the countryside where they engaged in constant physical activity, particularly walking. In that regard, the DVD makes a compelling case that walking is the perfect exercise for people to do. The DVD also details what medical professionals can do to get their patients to walk.

Among the topics covered:

• Health care in the United States
• Healthy eating and active living (HEAL)
• Benefits of walking daily
• Walking to treat depression
• Getting patients to walk
• The total health framework